Wake County is now North Carolina’s largest county by population, with 1,129,410 residents. It’s 1.2% larger than the second-largest county, Mecklenburg. Both are more than twice as large as No. 3 Guilford.

Meanwhile, the state’s smallest county — Tyrrell — is home to 3,245 people.

Carolina Demography highlights interesting numbers in its early assessment of new census data released today.

We’re looking at the redistricting data file that was released on August 12, 2021. Here are some notable findings:

North Carolina grew by 9.5% over the last decade

Between 2010 and 2020, North Carolina’s population grew from 9,535,483 to 10,439,483, an increase of 903,905 or 9.5%. Over this same period, 51 North Carolina counties lost population and 49 grew.

Wake County is now officially bigger than Mecklenburg County

Wake County officially surpassed Mecklenburg to become the most populous county in North Carolina. Otherwise, the five largest counties in North Carolina in 2020 were also the five largest in 2010:

Wake: 1,129,410
Mecklenburg: 1,115,482
Guilford: 541,299
Forsyth: 382,590
Cumberland: 334,728

Both Wake and Mecklenburg are more than twice as populous as Guilford, the state’s third-largest county. Wake, Mecklenburg, and Guilford grew faster than the state over the decade while Forsyth and Cumberland grew more slowly.

Tyrrell County remains the least populous county in NC

The five smallest NC counties in 2020 are the same as in 2010, with some shuffling between Jones and Camden:

Tyrrell: 3,245
Hyde: 4,589
Graham: 8,030
Jones: 9,172
Camden: 10,355

Camden County was the only one of these counties to grow over the decade (3.8%). The other four counties had large population losses.

Fasting-growing counties in NC

After a decade of population estimates suggesting that Brunswick was the fastest-growing county, Johnston County took a slight edge in the end. The five fastest-growing counties in North Carolina from 2010-2020 were:

Johnston: 27.9%
Brunswick: 27.2%
Cabarrus: 26.8%
Wake: 25.4%
Durham: 21.4%

Largest population losses in NC counties

51 counties in North Carolina lost population over the decade. The counties with the largest numeric declines were:

Robeson: -17,638
Duplin: -9,790
Edgecombe: -7,652
Columbus: -7,475
Halifax: -6,069

Racial/ethnic composition of NC in 2020 (from largest to smallest)

White: 60.5%
Black: 20.2%
Hispanic: 10.7%
Multiracial: 3.9%
Asian: 3.3%
American Indian: 1.0%
All other races: 0.5%