I’ll be cross-posting these at Meck Deck this week. And be sure to check Locker Room every Monday-Friday morning thru Election Day for updates on campaigns and candidates in the Tar Heel State.


• A lengthy Politico story on moderate Democrats features N.C. Reps. Mike McIntyre (7th District) and Larry Kissell (8th District), noting that top party officials care little about how the moderates vote on legislation so long as they maintain their personal support of the current Democratic leaders.


New polls give Republican Mitt Romney a lead in the race for president. The Elon University poll also gives Republican Pat McCrory a 15-point lead in the race for governor.


• At a campaign stop on the East Carolina University campus, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan compares the Obama adminstration to Jimmy Carter’s.


• Hayden Rogers, the Democratic candidate for the 11th Congressional District, is not attending this week’s Democratic National Convention. Meantime, plans by Asheville-area Democratic delegates to bring delegates up to the mountains after the convention was canceled due to lack of interest.


• Republican John Tedesco, who’s running for superintendent of public instruction, will hold a town hall Wednesday in Wilmington after visiting a Leland charter school.


• State Sen. Stan White, the Democrat representing District 1, wins the endorsement of the State Employees Association of North Carolina.