Money dud. It’s official: The fundraising arms of House Democrats and Republicans say they’ll give no more money to the contenders for the 11th Congressional District, Republican Mark Meadows and Democrat Hayden Rogers. The presumption is that Meadows will win the seat now held by retiring Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler.


Fact check. In Wednesday’s debate, Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, the Democratic nominee for governor, estimated the tax rate he paid last year was about 25 percent. In fact it was 14 percent, or about what Mitt Romney paid.


Bipartisan support. State Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, collected $300,000 this week at a fundraiser hosted by Jim and Ann Goodnight of SAS. The Goodnights earlier this year held a major fundraiser for Dalton.


Post-partisan? Mecklenburg County now has more voters registered unaffiliated than Republican.


• Dueling plans. The Romney campaign is out with a new ad arguing that his tax plan would not raise taxes on the middle class, while President Obama’s would.