Open wallet, closed wallet. The Republican Governors Association, confident of a November victory by former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, has cut its ad buys on McCrory’s behalf. A group affiliated with the Democratic Governors Association backing Walter Dalton is not following suit.


Lock and load. The Second Amendment advocacy group Grass Roots NC has released its voter guide, available here (PDF download).


Money bomb. The N.C. FreeEnterprise Foundation reports the National Republican Congressional Committee has spent more than $2 million trying to defeat Democratic Reps. Mike McIntyre (7th District) and Larry Kissell (8th District).


Candidate claims. WRAL-TV’s Mark Binker dissects this weekend’s televised forum featuring McIntyre and his Republican opponent David Rouzer.


Speak now … State Rep. Jonathan Jordan, R-Ashe, wants to debate his Democratic opponent, Cullie Tarleton of Watauga County, whom Jordan defeated in 2010. Tarleton’s refusing. Carolina Journal profiled the District 93 race here.


Switching sides. A new ad from Mitt Romney features High Point business owner (and 2008 Obama voter) Melanie McNamara, who hosted an event for Romney and Paul Ryan soon after Ryan was picked as Romney’s running mate.