Moving money. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has canceled two weeks of ad buys for 8th District Rep. Larry Kissell, announces it’s buying new ads for 7th District Rep. Mike McIntyre. Meantime, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorses McIntyre in his race against Republican challenger David Rouzer.


ID theft? State Rep. Tim Moffitt, a Buncombe County Republican, has filed a criminal complaint with the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department after saying his Twitter account was hacked. A post derogatory to gays was posted from his account.


All’s forgiven. Even though Rep. Susi Hamilton’s vote to override Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of fracking legislation angered the N.C. League of Conservation Voters PAC, the group says it has not rescinded its endorsement of the New Hanover County Democrat for House District 18.


‘Too many Americans.’ GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney takes to the airwaves with a one-minute commercial addressing the “47-percent” controversy directly.