The Rhino’s John Hammer writes more about the bidding for Greensboro’s new recycling contract than a lot of people will ever want to know.

If you’re not one of those people, read about the latest issue with the bidding between Recommunity and Waste Management Services. But I think I can sum it up. During a nine-month bidding process –during which current provider Recommunity was initially offered the new contract without bid—a $9 per ton “education and marketing fee” became an issue. Turns out the city wasn’t sure if that was part of the direct payment or not.

Turns out it is, and Recommunity’s bid is $17 per ton, which is less than Waste Management’s $26 per ton bid, $1 “marketing and education fee” included. But the city estimates Waste Management’s transportation costs to be higher.

But the question is —as-Hammer writes —“how this late in the game the city would not know what the proposed payment was..”