McCrory over Dalton 44 percent to 39 percent with and Libertarian candidate Barbara Howe at 7 percent and 10 percent undecided in a new WRAL News poll. Margin of error: plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

Two points: There aren’t a lot of undecideds given the election is still nearly six months out.

And then there’s this:

McCrory has a sizable lead among male voters, at 47 to 35 percent, while the candidates are virtually tied among female voters, according to the poll. McCrory also leads among voters under age 50, and is basically tied with Dalton among older voters.


In the same poll, the presidential race in North Carolina is 45 percent of likely voters favor Romney, 44 percent for Obama and six percent undecided. A month ago a slightly different sampling had Obama ahead by four points:

“The president has had his support eroding (in North Carolina),” said David McLennan, a political science professor at William Peace University in Raleigh. “He’s got a big task in front of him.”