It’s established that HB2 is a big story in the sports world, so it’s perfectly understandable that N&R columnist Ed Hardin would weigh in:

And now the NCAA has said we have to prove ourselves to be normal, decent human beings or future games in Greensboro and Charlotte will be in the same jeopardy as the NBA All-Star Game scheduled for next year already is.

NCAA officials have now said that either we “provide an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination, plus safeguards the dignity of everyone in the event” or else.

We’ve been lumped into a category of knuckle-draggers along with states flying Confederate flags and states that allow their schools to use “abusive or offensive” imagery of Native American mascots.

You know, morons.

But then he closes the column with “Esse quam videri.” It’s still the sports page, dude—- this knuckle-dragger doesn’t understand Latin.