High Point Enterprise catches up with 6th Congressional District Democratic nominee Laura Fjeld as she waits (not much longer) to see whether she will face Phil Berger Jr. or Mark Walker in the November election. Whoever she faces will be coming off a bare knuckles fight in the final days before tomorrow’s runoff.

Two big questions for Fjeld—1) does she have a preference as to whom she’d rather face and 2) would she campaign with President Obama if the opportunity arose?

Fjeld, a former vice president with the University of North Carolina system who lives in Orange County, said she doesn’t have a preference as to whom she’d rather face between Republican hopefuls Mark Walker and Phil Berger Jr. But Fjeld told The High Point Enterprise during a recent interview that she believes the acerbic runoff campaign between the two Republicans will help her chances in the Nov. 4 general election.

Walker and Berger have traded pointed accusations and questioned each other’s personal integrity since the May 6 primary.

“So many people I meet are fed up with the dysfunction in Washington,” she said. “When you engage people, they immediately say we’ve gotten too focused on extreme rhetoric.”

….Fjeld deflected a question from the Enterprise about whether she would campaign with Obama if the president were to visit North Carolina before the general election.
“I really haven’t considered who I might campaign with. I have been running, since last August, really my own race,” Fjeld said. “I want to deliver my message, not anyone else’s message.”

And for what it’s worth, it’s not just me and John Hammer who see a conspiracy in the N&R’s endorsement of Walker. Greensboro resident George Cole writes in this letter to the editor:

I would like to thank the News & Record for its endorsement of Mark Walker. This had made my choice much easier. Looking at the liberal tone in all of the editorials, I see this as just another way to support someone that they think would sway that way. This is one of the most liberal, left-wing papers in the state.

We’ll see how it plays out tomorrow evening.