George Leef uses his latest Forbes column to promote a new book on the importance of liberty.

In early America, people spoke about liberty a great deal. Patrick Henry famously declared, “Give me liberty or give me death.” The preamble to the Constitution speaks to the importance of securing “the blessings of liberty.”

These days, however, we hear or read the word much less often. It doesn’t seem to be in President Obama’s vocabulary at all. He has declared that inequality is the greatest problem we face, but can anyone remember his ever talking about the importance of liberty?

But while the president and all his minions toil away to subject us to an ever-increasing burden of mandates, prohibitions, and taxes, a few individuals are trying to convince people that we have already lost a great deal of liberty and should strive to get it back.

One of them is Tom Palmer of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Palmer has written and edited quite a few books, most recently Why Liberty: Your Life, Your Choices, Your Future.

It’s a short, easily read, yet intellectually powerful book that aims especially at convincing younger people that their lives will be much better in a free society and economy.

So-called “progressives” want to increase the power of government across the board. What stands in their way is the residual belief among some the populace that liberty is good and should not be sacrificed. Palmer and his writers seek to strengthen and spread that belief. They all do a superb job.