Mark Judge writes for the Washington Examiner about another example of blatant hypocrisy on the political left.

“Where’s the Women’s March? Feminist Majority? The National Women’s Studies Association?”

Those are the questions recently posed by Katha Pollitt, a feminist columnist for the far-left magazine the Nation. Pollitt was wondering why the Left was not loudly condemning the rape and murder of Israeli women during the Hamas terrorist attack on Oct. 7.

Pollitt is a smart writer and knows well the answer: The Left is tyrannical and antisemitic. It only cares about power. Its religion is to embrace whatever “revolutionary” movement breeds resentment and hatred of the West, including terrorists. It will run anyone over to attain its goals. This includes women.

Still, Pollitt is incredulous at the silence of her comrades.“On October 7,” she wrote, “Hamas fighters raped Israeli women and girls. Whatever may have been unknown in the immediate aftermath of the attack, the rapes are by now as substantiated as anything ever can be in an ongoing war.” Yet her fellow liberals are silent. “This silence sits oddly with how quick our movement has been to credit much iffier claims and to raise consciousness around sexual misconduct that falls far short of rape. What happened to the clarion call to believe women? What happened to #MeToo?”

What happened is #MeToo got sacrificed to politics. Author Kat Rosenfield, like Pollitt, no conservative, was blunt in a post addressing this on X: “I’m struggling to understand how, in five short years, we went from ‘this reference to boofing in Brett Kavanaugh’s HS yearbook proves he is an unrepentant rapist’ to ‘idk guys the half-naked corpse with grievous pelvic injuries could have been like that when Hamas got there.’” …

… There is a continuum of thought that links Hamas and the Left. Both groups believe that individual persons don’t matter. People get in the way of seizing power. Especially worthless, and dangerous, are free-thinking women who question either fanatical religious or leftist political orthodoxy.