Evita Duffy writes for the Federalist about rapper Kanye West’s latest controversy.

Kanye West, Candace Owens, and several models, including Selah Marley, the granddaughter of reggae icon Bob Marley, wore long-sleeve shirts featuring the words “White Lives Matter” during Kanye’s Yeezy Season 9 event at Paris Fashion Week on Monday. The front of the shirts featured Pope John Paul II and the Latin words “Seguiremos Tu Ejemplo,” which means, “We Will Follow Your Example.” Predictably, the left went berserk.

Droves of journalists, actors, musicians, politicians, activists, and “anti-hate” organizations decried the shirts,  describing them as “dangerous,” “white supremacist,” “racist,” “disgusting,” and “irresponsible” thanks to the apparel’s sporting of the phrase “White Lives Matter.”

This phrase, of course, is usually used as a response to the famous line “Black Lives Matter,” which is both the name of and the slogan for the Marxist organization that orchestrated violent, destructive race rioting during the summer of 2020 and beyond. That’s one of the reasons BLM has nothing to do with valuing black lives. In its name, rioters mercilessly torched and looted black neighborhoods and businesses. Instead, the organization serves to enrich its corrupt, Marxist leaders and totally transform our Democratic system into a racially “equitable” communist regime.

So Kanye was correct when he said after the show that “Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter is a scam.” There is also truth in his recent Instagram statement: “Here’s my latest response when people ask me why I made a tee that says white lives matter… THEY DO.” The regime, however, did not take kindly to such frank and accurate remarks from Kanye. 

Vogue contributing editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who attended Kanye’s show, went on an Instagram story rant afterward, writing that Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” shirt was “indefensible behavior,” “pure violence,” and that there was “no art here.”