Gabe Kaminsky writes at the Federalist about the political left’s uneven treatment of Asian-Americans.

While the left virtue-signals about Asian discrimination and seems to believe that being the loudest shows the most solidarity, it is also the left that has categorically discriminated against Asian Americans for decades through affirmative action policies.

Back in 1996, vice-chancellor Jerry Kang at the University of California-Los Angeles described affirmative action as having a “double-edge” that has justified “negative action” against Asians. Kang, who graduated from Harvard University, is certainly no conservative; he lectures on implicit bias throughout the country and is the founding vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion at UCLA.

Nonetheless, Kang’s hypothesis was firmly rejected in the academic world. In the eyes of the woke ivory tower, the “internal instability” he described of institutions denying the “right to equality” was not the proper way to champion equitable outcomes.

Through the lens of equitability, institutions operated by the left have aimed to determine that some races deserve admittance, while primarily Asians and whites do not. In the process of seeking to “level the playing field,” much the opposite has been happening for years. The playing field is no longer a playing field at all. It is a laboratory for politically motivated administrators to play God.

“There is definitely racism against Asians, just as there is racism from every color against every other color. I don’t buy the media’s attempt to carry a white supremacy narrative into this fact, because Asians have to face racism from (and are racist against) whites and blacks. The solution has to be to reduce the role that color plays in our discourse on all sides because it literally ‘colors’ our ability to understand the true facts behind this crime and other crimes,” said Kenny Xu, the author of the upcoming book “An Inconvenient Minority: The Ivy League Admissions Cases and the Attack on Asian American Excellence.”