That’s the title of JLF head’s John Hood’s column today examining the varies reasons — low turnout, “voter suppression”, gerrymandering, candidates not tying themselves closely enough to President Obama — Democrats are giving for their stinging defeat in the midterm elections. John analysis? All those alleged causes don’t add up. A sample:

Just as Republicans would be foolish to react to their 2014 successes with triumphalism or complacency, Democrats are foolish to react to their 2014 losses with denial or misdirection. Yes, Kay Hagan lost primarily because of her close association with an unpopular president. That was, of course, the GOP strategy. And because the central message of Hagan’s 2008 campaign was that Elizabeth Dole voted 92 percent of the time with President Bush, Republicans may be forgiven for seeing poetic justice where Democrats see bad luck.

You can read the rest of John’s column here.