It is budget time in North Carolina.  Governor Pat McCrory gave his State of the State address outlining some of his major concerns for the upcoming biennium.  This week the legislature is starting a long list of appropriations meetings where House and Senate members will both discuss the main issue of this legislative session, the biennial state budget.

This morning Transportation, General Government, Justice and Public Safety and Agriculture and Natural & Economic Resources were scheduled to meet at 8:30am.  Later today the UNC Board of Governors will nominate and have an election for their new president.  And the Senate is scheduled to have session at 11am and the House at 3pm.  A very busy and important day in state government.  So normally, many people want to listen to these committee meetings and hear what is going on….but today many policy analysts, like myself, were caught by surprise when the website was no longer working.

The website has been down since Tuesday morning because the star failed to renew the contract.  According to news reports, “Dennis McCarty, director of the legislature’s Information Systems Division, said the five-year renewal notice might have been sent to someone who no longer works there. He said staff was on the phone to clear up the matter as soon as possible.”

We are not sure how long it will take to get the website up and running, but if you want to see what your state government is up to today, you will likely see this website.  Talk about transparency 🙂

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