The proverbial “word on the street” indicates state lawmakers want to wrap up this year’s work by the end of next week.

Thursday’s final votes on the $18.9 billion budget plan make a mid-July adjournment probable. And we’re seeing more clues today that the barn door will soon close.

First, the Senate is holding a rare Friday session. For those who don’t watch the General Assembly closely, legislators usually conduct official business (meet in public) from Monday night to Thursday afternoon. A Friday session suggests lawmakers are revving up the adjournment machine.

Second, the Senate calendar suggests the end is near. The senate is scheduled to take the first vote today on its Technical Corrections Act. That’s the omnibus legislation designed to fix mistakes made in other legislation throughout the session. Lobbyists and other observers monitor this bill closely; lawmakers can try to disguise substantive last-minute legislation as technical changes.

The technical corrections bill and the so-called “studies” bill tend to signal that legislative activity is near its end.

If lawmakers do leave Jones Street next week, they’ll have 3 1/2 months to campaign for re-election.