Why would the North Carolina Board of Elections want to limit the number of people who observe what’s going on in polling places? Locke’s Andy Jackson is paying very close attention to the board’s push to limit the number of election observers that are allowed at each voting place each day. The board’s proposed change is now getting pushback from some in the General Assembly, resulting in the filing of House Bill 819.

While the SBE is trying to decrease the number of election observers allowed at precinct and early voting locations, H.B. 819 would increase the number of allowed observers. The bill advanced out of committee on a voice vote with only one of the roughly ten members in the meeting voting “no.”

Exactly what is happening? First, Andy explains to Mitch Kokai what the rule on observers is today. Then he explains what the state board wants to do.

House Bill 819 pushes back against the draconian limit endorsed by the state board.

This is about transparency, and that should be a bipartisan goal. Here’s why.