An article thinly veiled as news says Obamacare could suffer a serious blow due to an oversight in the text. It assumes us newspaper-reading fools aren’t supposed to know that the 36 states that did not set up their own exchanges were deliberately trying to leverage the clause in question to put the treasonous document to rest. Secondly, it assumes us numbskulls believe mere mortals are capable of drafting 2000 pages of legislation without a single self-destructive element; when tiny three- or four-page ordinances put weekly before local governments are replete with typoes and buffered with salvatorius and repealer clauses. That’s not to mention the spin doctors who can construe multiple definitions and connotations into whatever they want the written word to say. Thirdly, it assumes that we don’t realize that no matter how we go about using the legal system to support the law of the land, a pen and a phone will squash us like a bug.

As an aside, my boss was watching a movie when I walked into the room. He told me Jason had just used up his last opportunity to importune the goddess. I told him to tell Jason to get Obama’s pen and phone. Such an omnipotent force doesn’t make for much of a plot, but here we are.