Although not widely known it was the wake of the Lewinsky scandal that created  And that has made all the difference in the world on the left. 

In the last two election cycles, Political Action Committee spent more than $58 million in pro-Democrat political advocacy, according to Federal Election Commission records.

There are lessons to be learned here about the power of donations.

“MoveOn has grown into one of the biggest political action committees in the country,” Massie Ritsch  (Center for Responsive Politics) said. “MoveOn collects money and says to its members ‘We’re going to pass that money along.’ They’re a conduit.” They pass the donations on directly and handle all the paperwork. “They’re speaking for the grassroots,” Ritsch said.

Moving towards the next election cycle it will be interesting to see how conservative organizations and donors respond.  Do they want to fight?  Do they have the will to fight?  Will right leaning grass roots be involved? It was powerful to see NC Republicans actually unite (for the most part) for the first time in NC on the incentives front. Will that translate into future action?  Lots of interesting questions. . .