Derek Hunter of explains how Tiger Woods’ unilkely Masters victory turned political.

Americans love a great comeback story.

In the midst of that celebration, something happened to turn a lot of people away from that happiness – the president of the United States joined in.

First came a tweet congratulating Woods. Leftists responded the way they respond to everything, they called Donald Trump a racist. Ask them what time it is and you’ll get the same response.

That would’ve been the end of it if that were the end of Trump’s involvement in the story, but it wasn’t. The president announced he would present Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for being such an inspiration, the very thing everyone was celebrating only days earlier.

When it became known that Woods would accept the highest honor our country can bestow on a civilian, liberals were outraged. “How could a black man accept an award, any award, from Donald Trump?” they demanded, as if Woods owed them an explanation.

Woods doesn’t, of course, and he’s had a decades-long friendship with the president, having golfed with him many times. “Didn’t he realize Trump is a racist?” media-types asked, ignoring their own history of being friends with Trump for longer than Woods. Those friendships, lasting in some cases more than 30 years, came to an end when Trump announced he was a Republican. Apparently, the people screaming loudest that the president is a racist didn’t notice it when they were hanging out. Either that or they’re lying, but they wouldn’t do that, would they? (They would, and are.)