Warren Henry writes at the Federalist website that multiple liberal groups have abandoned the women’s march with little to no comment.

The organizations consciously uncoupling from the march deserve some applause for doing the right thing. After all, three march leaders have been cozy with the notoriously racist minister Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam. …

… Unfortunately, the applause probably should be limited to two cheers. These groups stopped partnering with the march. Politics being what it is, none of them is ordinarily in the business of publicly criticizing their allies, even when criticism is eminently deserved. A cynical observer still might charitably note that actions speak louder than words. In these polarized times, the discovery of common ground should not be dismissed.

On the other hand, sometimes making a statement may be said to require… making a statement. When the Social Justice League decides not to light their virtue signals, it is difficult not to notice.

In particular, the Southern Poverty Law Center purports to be in the business of warning the public about hate groups, often to the extreme of smearing their political opponents. To its credit, the SPLC lists the Nation of Islam as a hate group, noting that the bile spewed by Farrakhan and others “have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate.”

Yet when asked to explain why the group stopped partnering with the march, a SPLC spokeswoman could say only that “other projects were a priority.” This sort of dissembling is more cowardly than their colleagues’ silence.