In today’s N&R, Guarino writes “Greensboro is a city governed by liberal sensibilities; and its machine-driven electoral process assures that some decisions are made according to the ground rules of identity group politics.”

At the same time, interim police chief Tim Bellamy unveils a program along those lines:

Greensboro officers with a rank of captain or above will soon take part in a program meant to strengthen working relationships among those who run the department, officials said this week.

Each captain and assistant chief will sit in on a one-on-one interview with a facilitator to share what they perceive to be issues or concerns, both with the agency and with their own roles.

The facilitator will compile a list of observations, then hold a workshop with the full command staff to discuss common themes.

So if Bellamy does become police chief, the political correctness that has hold of city government will cross over to the police force. OK, it’s important to remember that crime hasn’t exactly exploded in Greensboro during the course of the Wray affair. Hopefully that trend will continue. But that said, will citizens feel comfortable knowing the police chief will be relying on the recommendations of a “facilitator?”