Scott Greer of the Daily Caller focuses on political liberals’ approach to the rule of law.

Wanna restore the rule of law? Then you must always vote against the Republican Party.

That’s the argument of a new article in The Atlantic from Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes. The authors began their overbearing article with the congratulatory centrism cranked up to 10, both claiming that their past work in politics and journalism made them “antipartisan.”

But Rauch and Wittes believe the GOP — as the party of Donald Trump and Trumpism — is such a grave threat to American democracy that they must heroically cast aside their “antipartisan” bona fides and urge voters to never cast a ballot for a Republican.

“The Republican Party, as an institution, has become a danger to the rule of law and the integrity of our democracy,” Rauch and Wittes argue.

Rauch and Wittes write that there are two “sins” of Trump that the GOP tolerates, which makes the party a threat to our democracy.

“The first is his attempt to erode the independence of the justice system,” the writers declare. “The second unforgivable sin is Trump’s encouragement of a foreign adversary’s interference in U.S. electoral processes.”

The two Atlantic contributors rely on spurious evidence to support the claim that Trump is guilty of both sins, such as him jokingly calling on Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails and his criticism of the FBI.

Apparently, such acts amount to one of the most serious threats to our democracy in our nation’s history.