This is the one most damaging truth about liberals, the one they hate most to hear: They are more likely than conservatives to be stingy, greedy, less compassionate, and dishonest. All conservatives, by instinct, know this to be true, not being blinded by the self-righteousness that afflicts the liberal. But there is ample empirical evidence to support it, as well:

The GSS in 2002 showed that those who said the government was “spending too much money on welfare” were more likely to donate blood than those who said the government was “spending too little money on welfare.” The anti-redistributionists were also more likely to give someone directions on the street, return change mistakenly handed them by a cashier, and give food (or money) to a homeless person.

Merry Christmas. And, if you are in need, I hope you aren’t depending upon a liberal to improve your plight.