Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Barbara Howe, who was left out of Wednesday night’s N.C. Association of Broadcasters debate, has posted a YouTube video of how she would have addressed some of the issues posed during the faceoff between Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Walter Dalton.

Among the issues she broached: jobs and the economy, fracking and education.

Howe parted ways with both major party candidates on the economy and education, saying they relied too much on centralized planning.

On fracking, Howe said that she favors allowing companies to explore, but does not favor offering any incentives for them to do so. And she favors environmental protection for property being explored.

“You deserve clean air and clean water, and you deserve to be protected from anybody that might damage those,” Howe said. “So any company that wants to come here and explore has to be held 100 percent accountable for any damage they might do.”

Two more gubernatorial debates are planned, on Oct. 16 and 24. Howe hasn’t been invited to either of those.