A tip of the hat to defender of health care freedom, Dr. Richard Bruch, who has been named The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2020 Congressional Ambassador. Dr. Bruch was granted this honor “for his dedication to health policy initiatives at both the state and federal level to preserve the independent practice of medicine, its ability to provide better quality medical care, lower prices, better patient satisfaction, and for his relationships with key policy makers.” (see the official announcement below).

Dr. Bruch is an orthopedic surgeon and former president of the North Carolina Medical Society. He’s joined us in our fight to infuse competition into the delivery of health care services, which is key to expanding access to care and lowering costs.

In particular, Dr. Bruch is a staunch advocate for repealing North Carolina’s antiquated Certificate-of-Need laws. Thanks in part to his work to help policymakers understand the real-world impact of government regulations on patients and doctors, we hope to see progress this legislative session toward freeing North Carolinians from the oppressive requirement for a state government permission slip before adding new medical facilities and major diagnostic equipment.

Dr. Bruch has spoken to our Shaftesbury Society and been interviewed for our weekly syndicated radio show, Carolina Journal Radio.

Congratulations, Dr. Bruch, and thank you for your spirited support of health care freedom.