Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month continues in Buncombe County. Last night, the commissioners learned about T-shirts being distributed to children to advertise the county’s programs. The presenter noted children make good advertisements. Kids are getting coloring books, too.

Caregivers are being instructed not to expect too much from children. They should only be given age-appropriate assignments and smothered in positive, if not accurate, feedback. Mind you, parents who hold high expectations for their children may spawn offspring like yours truly. It is also important to realize that “children don’t mean to do things that hurt your feelings.”

That said, we shall continue to encourage youngsters to emulate their bed-hopping heroes on TV. It is so cool and sexy. Should a child result, mom can move on to the next boyfriend. In today’s logic, there is no correlation between disruption of traditional families and stats that claim 85% of child abuse comes at the hand of male caregivers who are not biologically related to their victims. In politically-incorrect terms, that would be mom’s boyfriend.

It’s easy to whine that kids aren’t being coddled and spoiled enough. Consider doing something hard today, and pitch in to efforts to rescue one of the hundreds of thousands of children in the US exploited by perverts. That’s my ad.