Blurbs about the rescue of Franklin’s Whitley Products factory have been sketchy until now. Today, we learn what we had suspected. The factory was spared the grueling inevitability of laying people off, harming the tax base, and sending negative secondary economic multipliers rippling from here to eternity – by government. Yes, government stepped in and reached into its own pockets to save the economy.

Now the deal is being applauded by local and state government as a victory for economic development in the state and a demonstration of government cooperation with private enterprise.

Now, before you taxpayers complain, you should consider becoming more like government, and reaching into your own pockets, giving until it hurts. Don’t just give your profits, give what you would use for payroll or capital investment, and give it to the competition – but first, give it to government so it can take credit. But you are too greedy to do that, and that only proves we need bigger government. If this does not make sense to you, go back to the last post and read the third article as instructed. If that doesn’t work, try mixing your alcohol with some barbiturates before studying public policy. Like, whoah! Yeaaaaaah.