James Lileks enlightens National Review readers about the reasons why many members of mainstream media outlets have chosen sides in the political wars.

We’re told the media don’t matter anymore, because there’s Twitter. But for the muddle-pated middle who depend on news crawls and headlines to tell them what the popular kids think, the media is a Jell-O mold that shapes their vague beliefs, tells them who’s Up, who’s Cool. The media skew the message in the proper direction, because they’re good smart folk who know a Romney term would mean a Hobbesian society where the 1 percent get rich selling pre-rusted coat hangers to back-alley abortionists, and gay teachers’-union stewards are sent to work fracking gas while Koch-paid overseers crack the whip, and Friskies markets “Senior Blend” cat food, as they did during the Reagan years. Also, war somewhere.

To prevent these real and present dangers, reality must be adjusted.