Gov. Roy Cooper was a prominent figure on yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh show. Here’s the Cooper tweet that got Limbaugh started:

Limbaugh continues:

…the North Carolina governor has changed his thinking on the mask, and it is noteworthy. Be patient with me as I go through the Stacks here, because… (shuffling papers) This is typical.

….I mean, this is right out of the AIDS red ribbon handbook. So now we’re not wearing masks to stay healthy. We wear them as a symbol of “strength and compassion.” The problem with that is when the standard-bearer and the titular head of your party is Joe Biden, there is no way that Plugs is a symbol of strength or anything else looking like the idiot he is wearing that mask.

This is virtue signaling.

There’s no science here.

Now the next question–as the battle over the RNC in Charlotte rages on—will Cooper be another Democratic governor willing to ‘drop on neutron bomb’ on their state to take out Trump?