Steve McCann writes for the American Thinker about a bad omen for the nation’s future.

As recently as 2004, 91% of Americans were extremely or very proud to be American and the United States ranked first in the world in national pride.  However, in less than twenty years there has been a stunning reversal that portends a dire future for the United States as a precipitous erosion in national pride has undermined societal confidence, self-reliance, optimism, and cohesion. 

A recent poll revealed that a record low of just 68% of the citizenry are extremely or very proud to be American.  However, underlying that overall dismal outcome is the reality that among the two youngest generations only 38% of Millennials and 16% of Gen Z are proud to be American despite being the beneficiaries of living in a unfathomably prosperous nation that has not known any profound national adversity since the Great Depression. 

What we are seeing play out is the reality of demographic change in America as the younger mal-educated generations account for over half of the populace and are increasingly becoming culturally and politically influential.  Within these generations an overwhelming majority have been indoctrinated by socialist/Marxist ideologues to believe that a capitalist United States as founded is irredeemable and must be transformed.

Over the past sixty years, as the oblivious governing generations slept and reveled in America’s prosperity, the American Marxists relentlessly infiltrated the legacy media, the entertainment complex, and the education establishment.  Their ultimate objective was to indoctrinate the younger generations into mindless foot soldiers that would foment future societal turmoil — the primary tactic for achieving permanent political power. 

These institutions espoused, in a disciplined and endlessly repetitious manner, a message that is the epitome of simplicity.  First, the United States is and always has been an unfair, racist, rapacious and imperialist nation.  Second, only the American left and their hybrid socialism/Marxism can guarantee fairness, equity, and prosperity for all.