Empowered parents and thriving kids. That’s what it boils down to when we talk about North Carolina’s school choice movement. It’s not anti-district school to support putting mom and dad in the driver’s seat. It’s pro-child. Kids are unique. They have different personalities. Unique aptitudes. Special needs. Individual challenges. Particular interests. That’s why giving parents as many choices as possible is the best way to ensure that every child has an opportunity to develop their talents and overcome their challenges.

It’s what North Carolina parents want. In fact, nearly 1 in 4 North Carolina families chose a home, private, or charter school last year – an option other than a traditional district school. Locke’s Terry Stoops notes that North Carolina is a leader in empowering parents with the options for individualized education. And he’s not shy about who should get the credit. WATCH.

Thank you to the Republican legislative leaders – and to former Gov. Pat McCrory – for giving every child the best chance possible.