Lincoln County is near Charlotte and in the district of one of North Carolina’s congressmen.  Patrick McHenry wrote an op-ed and it was published in the Lincoln-Times News.  I pulled some excerpts from the article, but if you want to read the entire article, click here.

Last month when I was at home in Western North Carolina for the August Congressional work period, I had the pleasure of hosting six town hall meetings across the 10th District. At these meetings, we covered a wide variety of topics but a consistent theme emerged throughout: America’s middle class continues to struggle. I heard from folks whose wages have remained stagnant while the price of everyday necessities like gas and groceries has continued to go up.

This past week, the House of Representatives took action… We considered two pieces of legislation designed to reinvigorate the American economy by creating jobs and reducing the cost of energy for all Americans.

First there was H.R. 4, the Jobs for America Act, a combination of fourteen jobs bills that have been passed by the House earlier this Congress. Many of the measures included in this package would roll back job-killing regulations that have been issued by Washington bureaucrats. These are regulations that strangle capital and restrict the growth of small businesses, America’s true job creators.

Also included in this package is legislation to repeal Obamacare’s definition of full-time work as 30 hours. This mandate has led to employers cutting the hours of millions of American workers and thus reducing their take home pay.

The second bill is H.R. 2, the American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act. This legislation encompasses a package of bills aimed at increasing America’s energy independence and, more importantly, reducing costs for American consumers. Among the bills included is one to finally approve the Keystone XL pipeline, the application for which was originally submitted six years ago Friday.