There’s something slightly odd in this piece about Wilmington’s audit in Port City Daily.  Overall, it sounds ok.  They received a clean audit opinion.  Unanticipated expenses were covered by the fund balance.

But look at the chart about enterprise funds.

Account Budget Revenue Expenses Change
Solid Waste $10,477,389 $10,896,891 $9,186,280 $1,710,611
Storm Water $9,354,080 $9,623,500 $8,345,366 $1,278,143
Parking $4,353,115 $3,933,869 $3,836,931 $96,938
Golf $1,545,175 $1,226,263 $1,294,236 ($67,937)

Can somebody please remind me why Wilmington should be subsidizing a golf course?  Solid waste and storm water seem like core government functions.  Parking is important for economic activity.  And those all generated more revenue than they cost.  Fair enough.

But the city lost $68,000 on a golf course?  Surely that’s not the best use of taxpayer money.