Mainstream media sure has done a good job of helping Blueprint NC try to walk back the stalk McCrory memo, including this McClatchy piece with a Winston-Salem Journal headline
screaming ‘hey it’s not just the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation bankrolling them!’

No, just half, while six other groups finance the other $500k. As for the Fletcher Foundation, none other than WRAL owner Jim Goodmon, through the foundation on which he servers as chairman of the board. Also note —in case you didn’t know–that liberal talking head Chris Fitzsimon is a former WRAL reporter, while —as I’m sure you know— former N&R reporter Mark Binker is a current WRAL reporter.

At least Kim Gerado went head and signed on with the team; no more worries about softball coverage of Republicans efforts to right the ship. But in the meantime will WRAL will keep a close eye on the governor, more so than we might think.