Michael Moore’s new documentary Planet of the Humans was released at no cost on YouTube earlier this week. Moore is the producer, while his longtime associate Jeff Gibbs is the director.

Full disclosure –I have not yet seen it. But apparently it skewers the environmental movement, including —you guessed it–the Royal Prince of Green (we’re talking money here too) Al Gore. Apparently environmental movement has become a corporate shill, according to this review in The Guardian:

Big Oil and its corporate and banking representatives have, according to this film, found a way to rebrand themselves as green or greenish, to use the green movement for their own ends, and to get their mitts on the huge subsidies that taxpayers around the world are handing over to anyone claiming to be developing renewable energy resources, which turn out to be the same old fossil-fuel entities in different packaging.

This is all fine and good, but we should all now by now that Michael Moore always has something up his sleeve. But what? The Guardian continues:

Most chillingly of all, Gibbs at one stage of the film appears to suggest that there is no cure for any of this, that, just as humans are mortal, so the species itself is staring its own mortality in the face. But he appears to back away from that view by the end, saying merely that things need to change. But what things and how?

It’s not at all clear. I found myself thinking of Robert Stone’s controversial 2013 documentary Pandora’s Promise, which made a revisionist case for nuclear power: a clean energy source that (allegedly) has cleaned up its act on safety and really can provide for our wholesale energy needs without contributing to climate change, in a way that “renewables” can’t.

Gibbs doesn’t mention nuclear and – a little lamely, perhaps – has no clear lesson or moral, other than the need to take a fiercely critical look at the environmental establishment. Well, it’s always valuable to re-examine a sacred cow.

So if free-market capitalism isn’t the answer to “climate change,” then what is? Well, there’s only one alternative—government. And heaven help us if that’s the case.