David Bossie writes at FoxNews.com about the people who endured the worst political losses in 2022.

In the full-contact sport of politics, there are always winners and losers and 2022 was no exception. Among the winners this year are House Republicans, who won back the majority in the U.S. House and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who was re-elected with a stunning 59% of the vote in Florida. And then there are the unlucky ones on the other side of the ledger who drew the short straw this year. And to that end, here are the biggest political losers of 2022.  

1. Vladimir Putin

When Russian President Vladimir Putin made the ill-fated decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022, he did so with the belief that it would be a quick and easy endeavor. But here we are nearly a year later, and Russian forces are bogged down with no end in sight. Putin will now be remembered by history as a murderous tyrant and brutal aggressor who invaded a sovereign country without provocation. ….

… 2. Anthony Fauci

As time marched on and the fog of COVID-19 began to clear in 2022, loser No. 2 came into focus with the words and deeds of mainstream media darling and Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci. Unfortunately for Fauci, the scrutiny will now only intensify — because the American people are still hungry for answers — as House Republicans move forward with their oversight responsibilities in the next Congress.  …

… 3. Big Tech companies

Big Tech comes in at No. 3 by accomplishing something many thought was impossible, by drawing bipartisan condemnation from members of Congress in a bitterly divided Washington. But as they say, it was all downhill from there. First, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was exposed for putting his thumb on the scale in the 2020 presidential election by funding what amounted to a $400 million partisan get-out-the-vote effort for Joe Biden in the name of “safe” voting during COVID-19.