Today, I thought I should consult the ephemerides. I hear that gas prices are lower. I distinctly remember them being consistently $3.35/gallon for regular gas in December. Today, they are in the $3.60s and $3.70s. Unemployment is down, but more people don’t have work. Narry as I could figger, the planet may have fallen somewhat below the ecliptic, making everything lower, assuming an ethno/geo-centrism that favors the planet’s northern hemisphere. That failing, the planet could be shrinking, the hi-lo comments referencing altitude.

Speaking of things astronomical, those who choose to be controlled by planets might conclude they were in a special alignment today. Several headlines have been hanging on to the point of making me look like an idiot for repeating myself when I was only trying to repeat space fillers that pass as news. In the same spirit, yesterday, I should have said, “Tomorrow things will change;” but I didn’t.

Today, we learn the General Assembly has broken ground with a bill to force Asheville to fork its water system over to the Metropolitan Sewerage District without compensation, even though the city has surely been engaging in the good faith negotiations previous legislation said could spare it the loss. The difference of opinion about who should have the water system is now painted as a partisan rift. Oh, yes, it would be nice to drain funds from Asheville until government gets back to basics and stops funding freak shows, but that would be dictatorial, the compulsion of feigned moral character being a greater crime than leaving the masses to their own devices.

In another article, some closure has been reached pertinent to the Asheville Police Department’s evidence room scandal. The guy formerly in charge of the evidence room has plead guilty, but to what we do not know. The city sent out a two-page press release on the subject, but the attachment, though draining memory like crazy, refused to open on my computer.

Actually, I’m embarrassed to admit that I tried so hard to open the attachment. As I’ve said before, I can’t tell if the chapters in this story are part of a sting operation, or if one super-intelligent crime expert is outzooming the others. The world may never know.

Lastly, International Internet Technologies, which has supplied software for video machines that provide competition to the state’s education gambling racket, has said uncle. After several mutations to stay in business in spite of corrective legislation always in tow; IIT has called it quits, hopefully leaving the state a monopoly in at least one education vice.

What hasn’t changed is the Buncombe County Commissioners’, and a whole host of other peoples’, insistence on being indiscreet and turning dirty thoughts into a requisite for keeping up with current events. Yes, that’s what I said.