In the Guilford County sheriff’s race, challenger Danny Rogers defeated defeated 24-year incumbent Sheriff B.J. Barnes with 52 percent of the vote.

According to the Greensboro News & Record:

Rogers worked as a Guilford County jail guard in 1986 before taking a job at the High Point Police Department a year later.

But in 1993, Rogers was fired for allegations that he punched a suspect and left his assigned patrol area, among other things.

Since then he has worked various jobs at churches, as a Boy Scout leader and a coach. He owns a janitorial and landscaping company and a restaurant-food truck business.

If you’re on the ballot it’s politics and no one should be surprised when someone is elected to position with limited experience—as many Trump opponents have pointed out time and again. It makes no sense to me to elect someone who was fired from their last law enforcement 25 years ago to be the head law enforcement agent in Guilford County. But the voters have spoken.