According to a poll that was recently conducted, a majority of Americans believe the most recent Obamacare ruling, invalidating the entire law, should stand. Survey respondents were asked to answer the following:

In December, a federal judge in Texas ruled that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was invalid because parts of the law were unconstitutional. The decision is being appealed by a coalition of States, and could end up before the Supreme Court. Should the courts:

  • Reverse the decision by the federal judge in Texas and let the law stand
  • Invalidate the law and let Congress and the President start over
  • Invalidate the law and go back to the way things were before Obamacare



58 percent of Americans believe the law should be invalidated and the court’s ruling upheld. For those who believe the court’s ruling should stand, what to do after is where the two groups differ. 31 percent of respondents believe the healthcare system should go back to the way it was before Obamacare, while 27 percent of respondents would like to give Congress and the President a clean slate to start over. As is the case with many in Congress, the majority of Americans believe that Obamacare is flawed and should be repealed. However, the question is, what is the ideal system to put into place following this repeal? Republicans should take note of the public’s preference and seize the opportunity to offer ideas for a newly designed healthcare market. I offered some ideas of how I believe they can do this on the blog yesterday.