Don’t you wish you could hear such music from your planning board?

“Can we do things smarter?” asked Scott Baker, who chairs the Cullowhee [Planning Council].

But, as you may have suspected, Baker continued:

“The main concern is an ongoing building of apartments that are not based on any driver or need for that sort of housing to be built.”

Fortunately, Jackson County Planning Director Gerald Green stood up for individual choice, if not its role in vibrant economies:

“If there are 100 hot dog restaurants in town for 200 people, this board can’t stop me from opening the 101st hot dog restaurant,” Green told planning board members.

Unfortunately, government is now so intertwined with the economy, it can subsidize 101 hot dog restaurants with only three customers eating out only four times a year each. Fortunately, we may be able to forestall payday until our progeny is Common-Cored out of any semblance of computational aptitude.