The writer of this post at Pileus suggests, tongue-in-cheek, that maybe we should embrace the Obamacare notion that compelling people to buy certain things and use it to the fullest.

What would you like to have the government mandate?

I suggest classical music. I’m sure that there’s a strong correlation between prosperity and enjoyment of classical music. If the feds mandated that everyone purchase sets of, oh, Bach’s organ works, Mozart’s concertos, and Beethoven’s symphonies, there would be a beneficial impact on interstate commerce. And then the government could hire a lot of new employees to go around and check on people to see that they’re listening to the music (federally approved music, that is — we can’t let people choose inferior stuff not OK’d by the Department of Health and Human Services) for a minimum amount of time each day. Doing that would create thousands of good jobs with high pay and benefits, thus lowering unemployment and increasing consumer purchasing power! Anyone found not to be in compliance would be subject to a fine. All the fines would go into the federal treasury, lowering the deficit. Good all around.