Jenna Robinson of the Martin Center lists 10 books she and her colleagues would like to see under the Christmas tree.

Some are well-known classics that we’d like to revisit. Others are new additions to the higher education conversation. All of them would be welcome additions to the Martin Center library.

Education and Jobs: The Great Training Robbery by Ivar Berg and Sherry Gorelick

From the publisher: “In this famous study, selected by the New York Times Book Review as one of the most important social science books of 1971, the author argues that the familiar correlation between educational training and job performance is a myth and that the upgrading of the supply of labor is meaningless unless we reconsider the nature of the demand.” …

Searching for Utopia: Universities and Their Histories by Hanna Holborn Gray

From the publisher: “In Searching for Utopia, Hanna Holborn Gray reflects on the nature of the university from the perspective of today’s research institutions. In particular, she examines the ideas of former University of California president Clark Kerr as expressed in The Uses of the University, written during the tumultuous 1960s. She contrasts Kerr’s vision of the research-driven ‘multiversity’ with the traditional liberal educational philosophy espoused by Kerr’s contemporary, former University of Chicago president Robert Maynard Hutchins.” …

Education in a Free Society by Anne Husted Burleigh

From the publisher: “A position paper by Benjamin A. Rogge and Pierre F. Goodrich leads off this fine collection advocating an educational system based strictly on private and voluntary institutions. Anne Husted Burleigh is a writer and a contributing editor for Crisis.”