NC’s unemployment rate rose from 10.1 percent in July to 10.4 percent in August.

A Perdue Turkey.

The full extent of the massacre can be seen here. That’s the state employment commission site, and it shows that there are 10,000 fewer jobs in the state this August than there were last August. That’s going backwards.

If the GOP can’t beat Governor Beverly Perdue this time, they need to clean out the GOP headquarters, lock the door, turn off the lights and go home. Permanently.

So far, the only credible contender for the governor’s office to inch toward announcing is Pat McCrory, who will probably run.

While Perdue pummelled him relentlessly, McCrory refused to go negative on Perdue in 2008, probably in fear of what the Charlotte uptown suits would think. He or whoever runs this time must man up and go negative. This is a woman who signed the Racial Justice Act, which stands a good chance or getting most of those on the state’s death row off it. She took off to Kentucky to attend a horse race with friends and political cronies during the tornadoes earlier this year, one of the worst natural disasters in state history, and was AWOL for press conferences afterward. Now she is presiding over a jobs disaster worse than that seen around the country.

She’s like a Perdue turkey with her head across the stump at slaughter time, waiting for someone to bring down the ax and put her out of her misery. It would be unfathomable for this woman to be reelected.

But only the NC GOP could screw up badly enough to make it so. Just watch.