The N.C. Justice Center recently published “LOVE NC? FUND EDUCATION: A Resource Page for May 16th and Beyond,” and the contents of the page leave no doubt that Walkout Wednesday is an anti-charter school event.

Recognize the importance of PUBLIC in North Carolina’s public school system.

  • Charter schools create added pressures on school district budgets. Research from Duke University indicates that charter schools increase per-student costs by $500 – $700 in Durham County. Additionally, charter enrollment contributes to the racial segregation of North Carolina schools.
  • Like charters, voucher schools exacerbate districts’ financial pressures and weaken society’s shared commitment towards a strong public school system benefitting all students. Funding for voucher programs is set to reach nearly $160 million by FY 27-28.
  • School performance grades based almost entirely on achievement stigmatize schools serving a high proportion of students from low-income families.

Perhaps they should recognize the “public” in state’s charter school statute: “A charter school that is approved by the State shall be a public school within the local school administrative unit in which it is located.” (G.S. 115C-218.15 (a), emphasis added)

From what I can tell, no charter schools will close on May 16 for the event.