Asheville City Council was expected to vote on whether or not to hire a management company to run the Municipal Golf Course. The move, if taken, would save the city approximately $140,000 in annual subsidies while generating another $70,000 for the proverbial coffers. The city is in the golf business because it owns land deeded in perpetuity for use as a golf course. Golfers complained the city was letting the place go to pot with top-heavy, untrained management. Pope Golf, which still might get a management contract, would have introduced efficiencies, like hiring workers seasonally as needed. That bode unwell in today’s aura of job creation. Councilman Gordon Smith wanted all workers to make a living wage, and not leave it up to some temp company to set wages and benefits. In the end, council kicked the can down the road.

As an aside, Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Director Roderick Simmons read almost the entire staff report verbatim. It was getting late, and many items remained on the agenda. I grew fidgety, as everybody in the room tuned out. The mayor looked on, as if appreciating the filibuster. (Why?) At least, thought I, council won’t have to ask those pesky questions they could learn off-camera by reading the reports. They did, anyway.