And while I’m trying to get myself in trouble, I saw a video over the weekend. I will spare you the details because it came from a reputable source, and I don’t want to destroy their reputation via association. Well, these folks are helping a third-world country. They’re not going in with jetliners and multinational corporations. They’re trying to accelerate technology along a continuous trajectory.

The indigenous peoples were shown toiling to get this potato mush. They worked hard in the fields, suffered when the elements did not cooperate, skinned and cut it up by hand, and then made it into mush with a press that looked like it came just out of the stone age. The relief group had introduced genetically superior potatoes and is helping them somewhat with their technology, and these people are so happy they are crying. It is joyful!

What I suggest is that we help grow this civilization by importing technology from the potato mush people. They can come over to teach our obese, food-insecure children in food deserts how to grow their potatoes, chop them, and press them in a stone-age contraption.