Interesting comment below this Inside Scoop post on Greensboro Mayor Bill Knight’s speech during next week’s “Diversity Empowers Greensboro” forum.

I can’t tell if “Gso student” is being sarcastic when he says he “didn’t know Bill Knight supported anything to do with racial equality.” I didn’t either. What I did know was that Knight, when running for mayor, supported getting this city back on sound fiscal footing.

I also heard Knight expressing the importance of recognizing the civil rights movement during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Hey, I’m not saying it’s not important to recognize the civil rights movement. I also recognize the fact that when you’re the mayor, you give speeches to a wide variety of audiences. But I’m growing more concerned every day that Knight is coming under the influence of the diversity crowd that wields its influence over our city, which in turn will distract him from the real duty which we elected him to perform.

It helps to understand that “diversity” is often sponsored by taxpayers. Let’s look at what Guilford County Commissioner Skip Alston is doing with his involvement in moving the proposed taxpayer-financed downtown hotel next to his International Civil Rights Museum. He’s branding and marketing the civil rights movement in order to make money —- he’s the broker, you know. So with all this diversity talk, I’m concerned that Knight —– and other council members, for that matter —- won’t have the political courage to oppose the hotel.

We elected Bill Knight to bring some common sense back to Greensboro’s city government, and if “diversity” has to be sacrificed in the process, so be it.