William Sullivan contends in an American Thinker column that Democrat Pete Buttigieg‘s presidential campaign is done.

Pete Buttigieg has long had a problem with black voters. It’s a problem that grew visible in his leadership as mayor of South Bend, Indiana over black-police conflict. In an effort to save his flailing presidential campaign, he has released his “Douglass Plan” to pander to the black electorate. In this plan, he promises to reform credit scoring (currently consisting of five simple scoring metrics, none of which is the least bit racist), a “reduction in “racist policies” preventing some people from voting,” (like requiring a photo ID to vote, I guess?) and a “25% increase in government contracts with minority-owned businesses.”

Despite his providing ample details about this plan in the latest primary debate in Houston, Buttigieg is still polling at zero percent among black voters. That’s a massive problem for Buttigieg in the primary, but perhaps an even bigger problem for Democrats if he were to somehow find his way to represent their Party on the presidential ticket.

As Victor Davis Hanson has observed, “anything less than the usual 85 percent to 90 percent [African-American] supermajority for a Democratic candidate on Election Day can prove fatal” for two distinct reasons. First, “progressive Democrats are not making any effort to recapture turned-off white working-class voters.” And they can’t, as long as they continue promoting open borders which undermine working-class voters’ wages by courting illegal aliens into the expanded welfare state that Democrats are promising to these illegally introduced newcomers to the job market. Second, while Democrats have captured roughly two-thirds of Asian and Latino voters in recent elections, “voter turnout among these groups generally isn’t as strong as it is among whites and African-Americans.”