Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online looks into damning evidence involving the Democratic presidential nominee and his son.

According to a 2015 email, then–vice president Joe Biden met with a top executive at Burisma, the Ukrainian energy firm that paid Biden’s son, Hunter, $50,000 a month to sit on its board. Earlier, the Burisma executive had asked Hunter to use his influence to quell Ukrainian government officials who were trying to extort the company. Months later, Vice President Biden coerced the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor who says he was gearing up an investigation of Burisma.

The evidence that Vice President Biden gave access to the company that was paying his son is disputed. It comes from emails stored on the hard drive of a laptop computer that appears to be Hunter Biden’s. The emails were disclosed in a report by the New York Post. …

… Remarkably, with less than three weeks to go before the presidential election pitting Vice President Biden against President Trump, and with Americans already casting their ballots, the mainstream media, along with Facebook and Twitter, are suppressing the Post’s report. As Reason’s Robby Soave explains, reporters who have reported on it — even critically — have been denounced by other journalists and progressive groups.

Late last year, the FBI took possession of the laptop pursuant to a grand-jury subpoena, the Post recounts. …

… Vice President Biden has insisted repeatedly that he had no involvement in Hunter’s foreign business dealings and never even discussed them with his son.

Yet, in an email on April 17, 2015, Vadym Pozharskyi, the Burisma executive, thanked Hunter for arranging a meeting for him with the vice president in Washington. A few months later, Vice President Biden squeezed the Ukrainian government to fire its prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, who maintains that his office was preparing to investigate Burisma. Shokin was fired after the vice president threatened to withhold desperately needed American government aid.